Entourage Entertainment have produced a number of world-class production shows, some of which have toured many venues, for extended periods of time, and many of our productions have been requested to return to the same venues, due to being crowd favourites!

Our shows cater to the show-rooms and auditoriums of larger venues, and are usually sold by venue patronage ticketing.

Our shows present with exceptional marketing and promotional material, and the content is always very high end, featuring exceptional talent.

Entourage understand through experience, how best to combine talent and various acts to show-case many themes, and create a highly entertaining result!

Please click on our current show posters below, to obtain the production description:


All of our world-class production shows, suitable for large venue auditoriums can be presented as scaled down tribute or concept shows, suited to corporate and other events.

Entourage Entertainment specialise in creating themed floor shows for events, complete with singers and dancers, as either the main event to your schedule, or to compliment other aspects on the entertainment schedule.

Entourage Entertainment can provide a concept or theme show for almost any theme you can conjure up for your event!

Our most common themes we have performed for clients are below.

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