A well-thought out schedule of exciting entertainment concepts is ultimately what culminates into a sensational event!

Guests will talk about your event for a long time, when you give them the ultimate WOW factor experience through entertainment; from the moment they arrive, to the time they eventually leave.

The Wow Factor!

Entourage Entertainment has had many years of putting together the WOW factor; a combined entertainment experience for guests at events.

We understand from experience that event entertainment is a specific process, that it is not simply selecting a decent band for the night, or throwing in some dancers for a quick performance.

Bringing your vision to life!

Creating the ultimate experience for guests is about piecing it all together, from beginning to end, with the theme of the event considered with every decision.

The magic begins with each clients’ run-sheet, or schedule for the event.

We have the experience and understanding of what entertainment concepts work during various aspects of all styles of events.

High quality entertainment concepts are essential, but it is just as important to get the timing of each item right.

Entourage discuss your ultimate vision for your event, and ensure we understand this when creating the masterpiece of entertainment for your event.

The perfect entertainment schedule

Entourage have a data-base of world-class talent, and can provide everything you can envision for your event.

Be sure to click on our gallery, and other links for entertainment ideas!

A sensational Entourage event will often begin with guests being greeted on arrival by spectacular hosts and hostesses in the costume theme of your event! Each costumed host will ensure they entertain your guests with their vibrant character they are playing, and dazzle guests with their incredible costumes.

Your event can also be spiced with some themed dance performances, either as announced performances, or by surprise and impromptu to the audience!

We have the best talent in the business when it comes to selecting the right bands and singers for your event. Whether it be a gorgeous cabaret duo performing during guests arrival, or a full corporate party band for the night, our incredible talent understand what works at any event.

An event can really come to life with the right specialty acts.

Wow your crowd with roving stilt walkers, fire twirlers, magicians, comedians, professional MC’s, burlesque dancers in champagne glasses and much more!

All of our world-class production shows, suitable for large venue auditoriums can be presented as scaled down tribute or concept shows, suited to corporate events.

Entourage Entertainment specialise in creating themed floor shows for corporate and other events, complete with singers and dancers, as either the main event to your schedule, or to compliment other aspects on the entertainment schedule