A wedding is the most important event you will plan!

Amazing entertainment is actually the number one factor in creating the perfect feel, atmosphere, style, and a beautiful experience for both the couple and their guests on the day.

As with event entertainment a well-thought out schedule of exciting entertainment concepts is ultimately what culminates into a sensational wedding experience to look back on forever!

Guests will talk about your wedding for a long time, when you give them the ultimate WOW factor experience through entertainment, from the moment they arrive, to the time they eventually leave…

It’s the one EVENT of your life you want to prioritise entertainment in your budget and plan….

Bringing your ultimate wedding vision to life!

Creating the ultimate wedding experience is about piecing it all together, from beginning to end…

The magic begins with the style of wedding each couple has chosen….

Entourage Entertainment work with the couple, and their chosen wedding style, to create the perfect wedding day event.

With over 20 years of wedding entertainment experience, Entourage Entertainment have a deep understanding of the specific elements of wedding day entertainment.

Saying “I do” in style

We can supply the perfect solo, duo or trio at your ceremony, to set the scene for your arrival

The wedding reception is where the most important entertainment decisions are made, as this is what holds your reception in place.

Whether small or large, the choice of entertainment concepts for a wedding reception, create the entire tone of the wedding, and assist in making the entire experience the most beautiful day/evening!

A wedding reception requires an experienced MC to bring it altogether. The MC will control the schedule of events, including the speeches and official aspects of the event.

The most important wedding reception element is the music selected, to keep guests and the new couple celebrating for the duration of the reception.

An experienced wedding and events band will ensure you have the ultimate celebration for your special day!