Venue Entertainment

Venue Entertainment is a very unique niche.

The right elements of entertainment within a venue can make a major difference to regular patronage, venue members, and ultimately revenue.

Not all entertainment acts are suited to all venues.

Entourage Entertainment is experienced in understanding the unique needs of many types of venues.

Venue Entertainment roster

Managing entertainment within a venue can be an extremely challenging task, if it is reliant solely on venue staff, who may not always have the entertainment industry expertise and knowledge.

With our diverse knowledge of local entertainment acts, and suitability of entertainment concepts to venues, Entourage can also assist in providing acts for the regular entertainment roster, or contractually managing the entertainment roster on behalf of the venue.

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Special Venue events

Entourage Entertainment can provide one-off entertainment concepts for themed events, give-aways, membership draws and sporting events within venues.

Previously, Entourage have provided regular entertainment concepts, including; themed shows, fashion parades, bands, singers, compare/MC, costumed promotional staff and corporate hosts to venues for specific calendar events such as Melbourne Cup, St Patricks day, New Years Eve, Sporting Grand finals and other major sporting events and Badge draws.

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Venue Show Room/Auditorium

Our biggest liason with clubs and venues is by providing our production shows to venues with show rooms and auditoriums.

We have a varied selection of world-class production shows to suit any show-room, for ticketed shows, or dinner/show senarios.

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Entourage Entertainment can also assist venues with their gaming and entertainment collaboration, through Entourage Entertainment’s unique venue “Emerald Package”